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Our main objectives and values

The main Silvix objectives are consistent with the objectives of the profession as regulated by IFAC, aimed at promoting adherence to:

  • Highest-quality professional standards
  • Maintaining the highest level of performance
  • Meeting the requirements of public interest – namely maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the financial statements.

Those objectives require that all partners and staff deliver value to the following basic values:

  1. Reliability – of information and information systems
  2. Professionalism – which means that only professionally and highly qualified people work for Silvix and compose Silvix team
  3. Quality of services – all services to be performed under highest standards of performance
  4. Confidence- clients should feel confident that there’s an ethical framework to ensure the presentation and performance of these services, timely and accurate communication with the client
  5. Collegial professional relationships within the company and working environment, supported by integrity, awareness and cooperation.
  6. Independence – as a fundamental professional principle in expressing auditor’s opinion and in respect to our position towards clients in the light of enhancing the degree of confidence.
  7. Timeliness – We consider it our duty to keep our clients in touch with latest developments and updates affecting their businesses and opportunities for its development
  8. Optimality and adequacy – our goal is orientated to taking into consideration each client’s  individual needs and requirements by  offering to  him the most optimal, cost effective and flexible solution
  9. Responsiveness Our customers should feel confident that we show a permanent commitment and thoroughness to their work and that we’re ready to respond at any moment to a potential problem they may have or a case requiring timely and quick solution.
  10. Complexity we always strive to treat client’s problem as part of the whole by applying complex approach and without only being limited to our contractually defined objectives and commitments